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There has never been a time when it is more critical to have a seasoned, successful, criminal defense attorney assisting you with any weapons charges filed against you.   Turn on any news channel or look at any paper and you will see our Constitutional right to bear arms and fight weapons charges are being challenged. Even in a state such as Michigan, which allows concealed carry, it has gotten more difficult to contest these charges, but not impossible.

Fair outcomes are always the goal with weapons charges, which may even be attached to other criminal charges, such as assault and other violent crimes.   Heavy penalties can be mediated for fairness, and in some cases, charges can be dismissed for lack of evidence. Thorough investigation and current knowledge of weapons laws are key to a successful defense.

The Michigan State Police website encourages residents to contact a private attorney for legal interpretation of current weapons statutes. For any weapons charges, the firm of VanTubergen, Treutler & Hayes, PLLC, is a clear choice. Contact us today for a free initial consultation @ 616-844-3000.

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