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Expert, thorough legal investigation is a critical need when facing charges of assault & battery in West Michigan. The prosecution needs to prove there was clear intent to harm the alleged victim, and that there was actual contact with the victim. Unfortunately, when child custody decisions are looming in a separation or divorce, a spouse/partner may be slapped with nebulous assault and/or battery charges to prejudice the courts against the alleged perpetrator. These charges are not only upsetting and embarrassing, they can also affect future job or parenting activities.

It is also necessary for the prosecution to prove that the assault & battery was not actually defense from attempted harm to the alleged perpetrator. An expert criminal defense attorney, such as the partners in Van Tubergen, Treutler & Hayes, can build a strong defense when demonstrating that the alleged abuser was acting to prevent another crime from happening. Property owners, for example, have legal rights when protecting their property from harm.

When assault & battery charges include homicide, this also can be best defended by proving some degree of self-defense was involved, or other factors such as lack of evidence or insanity. Van Tubergen, Treutler & Hayes, PLLC is the experienced legal team you will need to relentlessly protect your rights and prevent unwarranted punishment when charged with assault & battery / homicide. Contact us today for a free initial consultation @ 616-844-3000.

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