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Drug Crimes... Our Promise to Those We Serve

Defending the rights of those charged with drug crimes, making sure justice is served, is yet another way the Grand Haven, Holland and Lakeshore criminal defense attorneys – Van Tubergen, Treutler and Hayes – support the rule of law. That’s what we do, no matter the nature of the drug crime. Sometimes the over-arching enthusiasm of those prosecuting drug crimes leads to obscuring facts that can actually exonerate the defendant. Nothing is left to chance with our investigations; our clients will have the best defense possible.

The penalties for drug crimes is also an area where a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney can make a difference. We understand the hardship to a family or person when a job is lost due to a severely uncompromising penalty, and work to ensure the punishment fits the individual drug crime and circumstances of the defendant. Sometimes the community can be better served with a defendant contributing in some way to the community in serving out his/her penalty.

Whatever the charge of the drug crime, the skill and expertise of Van Tubergen, Treutler & Hayes, PLLC are needed to thoroughly investigate and ensure the rights of the defendant are preserved throughout the process. Don’t delay in getting the dedicated help you will need – Contact us today for a free initial consultation @ 616-844-3000.

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