What To Look For In A Divorce Lawyer

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Divorce attorneys are highly in demand in the United States. With its competitive market, an average person may find it hard to seek the right legal counsel when faced with the prospect of a divorce. To handle your case from beginning to end, one has to find someone who can be trusted. Here are some qualities to look for:

  • He should be an expert in family law, since issues regarding child custody will be tackled. He should be able to counsel his clients when consulted upon. It would be better if he has board certification and has some significant experiences. Board certificate lawyers who have ongoing education regarding family law is an advantage.
  • He can communicate with you in plain layman’s language, not in legal talk.
  • He is someone who is trustworthy, because being your hired attorney, you may have to reveal a whole lot about your family, relationships, finances, and other personal info in your marriage.
  • He can recommend possible solutions regarding child custody, child support, and visitation arrangement. It should be clear to him that you want to prioritize the children’s needs.
  • He should be affordable, and can work and relate with you well within the limits of your budget. Most family lawyers bill on an hourly basis of their professional service. Very few would accept a flat fee, because it is difficult to foresee how the proceedings will turn out. However, if your case can be forseen as 99 % amicable, or if the tasks are well-defined, the lawyer may settle for a flat fee.
  • An attorney is not a therapist or a religious spiritual director. However, he must always be of help in the negotiation of a divorce agreement. Both spouses may have no intention of going into court. If it is your philosophy to keep things as calm and peaceful as possible, he should support your attitude.
  • If in case the divorce proceedings are going to court, the lawyer’s courtroom track record is crucial in your choice of hiring. One should make a background check on his previous successful cases as a trial lawyer.

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