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For theft and fraud crime charges, early investigation is critical in optimizing your outcome. With early legal intervention, a lesser charge could be procured, and facts of the case could be discovered that would help abrogate any penalty you may incur. Even a potential jail sentence could be eliminated with an aggressively pursued, factual defense. In Michigan, as in most other states, the severity of the penalty usually increases as the amount that is stolen or defrauded increases.

There are varying degrees of the severity of theft and fraud crimes and their resultant penalties. Felonies are the most severe, and incur fines and jail time.   There are many mitigating circumstances which can affect your defense, such as a theft committed while under the influence of the wrong friends or alcohol or drugs. If an individual has committed a crime that is totally out of character for him or her, and was done while under some kind of stress or pressure, this can also be taken into account.

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