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Marijuana possession and use in Michigan is usually a misdemeanor, unless used in a public place, whereas cultivation of marijuana is a felony – meaning stiffer penalties. Given that many marijuana statutes are changing in some states, one can likely look for changes in Michigan laws as well. This makes the defense for marijuana possession a little more unpredictable, and many Michigan judges are coming down with harsher penalties. A criminal defense attorney is a critical need, considering the need to be current with recent law changes and mitigating penalties.

A first time offender could be luckier. It is possible under Michigan law to have charges for marijuana possession dismissed under certain conditions, which is a very positive defense outcome. If you have manufactured, delivered or even intended to deliver marijuana, you may be facing harsher penalties than if you had simple possession of marijuana.

VanTubergen, Treutler & Hayes, PLLC, should be your first call, if charged with marijuana possession. Medical marijuana is also not recognized as legal by the federal government, so even if Michigan law allows medical marijuana, federal law enforcement agents could arrest and sentence you for marijuana possession under federal statutes.


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